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Remember those tin lunchboxes everyone had as a kid? They were sturdy little lunch pails that held everything from your sandwich and juice box to your pudding or fruit cup. Sometimes they even had a Fruit-by-the-foot inside, and everything fit together perfectly--a little bit like a well-played game of Tetris. 

The Tin Lunchbox (that's us!) does the same thing: We provide a variety of shared information from featured artists and literary endeavors to recipe sharing that all fits flawlessly into one place. Granted, we aren't working with physical  lunchboxes, but it is fun to imagine all the same.

Eye Candy Artist Interviews



Nigel Dawson, Featured Artist November 2016

Shawna Caro

Nigel Dawson is a technical officer at Southern Cross GeoScience in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales Australia. He is a life-long learner, enthusiastic photographer, and avid cook. He can be reached at

TL: How did you become interested in photography?

ND: My interest in photography emerged over several years. I had always enjoyed taking snapshots without really knowing what I was doing. As cellphones with good cameras became widely available I started taking more photos. Over time friends and family began to comment on my photos and a couple of years ago I purchased my first DSLR. That is when I really discovered a passion for photography. 

TL: What kind of camera do you use for your photos? Any other equipment that you use?

ND: For my digital images I use a Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) with a variety of old and new lenses. For film photography, I use an old East German Praktica 35mm, a really weird Japanese twin-lens reflex Nikkoflex camera, a Holga 120 panoramic pinhole camera, and I am just learning how to use a Cambo 4"x 5"large format view camera. 

TL:  I noticed that the majority of your photos are nature-oriented. Do you prefer taking nature photos or do you have other subjects as well?

ND: As an introvert, I would much prefer to be in nature than around people, it seems my photography reflects that. Having said that, I would like to try my hand at street photography soon.  

TL: What are some of your favorite things to photograph? 

ND: My favorite subjects at the moment are tiny flowers. Hidden away in plain view and thought of as a nuisance by many, the beauty in these blossoms go largely unnoticed. In addition to looking at the overlooked, the technical problems that need to be overcome to get a really good macro photograph present a fun challenge.

TL: Has your photography been displayed at any other venues (online or in person)?

ND: No, not yet. That is an avenue that I want to explore once I have learned more and developed a style of my own.

TL: What photos do you consider to be your best and why?

ND: My favorite photograph is one that I took several years ago while wandering around Emporia, KS. It is a close-up image of the cracked memorial bell that resides outside the public library. The image is a simple composition, a tightly framed close-up of the bell with the crack vertically dissecting the frame. But somehow it speaks to me.  

TL: Any future plans involving your photography in the works?

ND: I plan to make a series of monochrome landscape images of Lismore and surroundings using my large format camera once the weather becomes a little less hostile. I would also like to try my hand at a little street photography and capture the characters that congregate in Nimbim, NSW during the annual Mardi Grass cannabis "protestival."