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Remember those tin lunchboxes everyone had as a kid? They were sturdy little lunch pails that held everything from your sandwich and juice box to your pudding or fruit cup. Sometimes they even had a Fruit-by-the-foot inside, and everything fit together perfectly--a little bit like a well-played game of Tetris. 

The Tin Lunchbox (that's us!) does the same thing: We provide a variety of shared information from featured artists and literary endeavors to recipe sharing that all fits flawlessly into one place. Granted, we aren't working with physical  lunchboxes, but it is fun to imagine all the same.

Eye Candy

Welcome to Eye Candy, the online gallery space for Tin Lunchbox. Here you will find different photos of food, art, and more. If you'd like to have your work featured here, visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form. Featured artists also get their bio and a link to their website on our page! In the meantime, enjoy the gallery! 


This month's artwork is by Dave Leiker.

Exploration, discovery and a love of the natural world are the drivers behind Dave Leiker’s photography.  He loves to wander the back roads of the Flint Hills, explore its wildflowers and insects, watch its storms roll across the prairie, and do environmental portraits of its people working the land.  Leiker also enjoys the challenge of artful portraiture and is currently working on a “Faces” series.

Dave Leiker’s work can be found on the web at and in a gallery/studio at 330 Commerical in Emporia, KS.