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Remember those tin lunchboxes everyone had as a kid? They were sturdy little lunch pails that held everything from your sandwich and juice box to your pudding or fruit cup. Sometimes they even had a Fruit-by-the-foot inside, and everything fit together perfectly--a little bit like a well-played game of Tetris. 

The Tin Lunchbox (that's us!) does the same thing: We provide a variety of shared information from featured artists and literary endeavors to recipe sharing that all fits flawlessly into one place. Granted, we aren't working with physical  lunchboxes, but it is fun to imagine all the same.

Tin Lunchbox Mini-Mags

A mini-mag is a short collection of works created on a specific topic. Mini-mags have short submission periods, word limits, and may change topics between each issue.

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Food Experience - NEW!

This collection focuses on short narratives and poetry based on an experience someone had with some kind of food. These stories may make you laugh, cry, or gag (a little).

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surprise topic

This topic will be revealed at a later date--look for an announcement in mid-October 2018. 


Home for the Holidays

This collection will focus on short works that tell about what it is like to be at home for the holidays. Submissions will not open until November 2018 at the earliest.